Digital Printing

Small Runs, Full-Color Photos, Quick Turnaround

Digital printing involves printing a digital image directly onto the shirt or product. It is a newer technology that functions similarly to your home inkjet printer. Special CMYK inks are mixed to create the colors in your design. of this, there is no limitation to the number of colors in your design. This makes digital printing a great option for printing photographs and other intricate artwork.

The cost per print is higher than traditional screen printing. However, by avoiding the high setup costs of screen printing, digital printing is much more cost-effective for smaller orders (or even a single shirt).

How does it work?

The t-shirt is loaded into an oversized “inkjet” printer. A combination of white and CMYK inks are laid onto the shirt to create the design. Once the print has finished, the shirt is cured using heat to prevent the design from washing out.

Digital printing is perfect for smaller quantities, higher detail, and quick turnaround times.